Archive and Library
Archive and Library
Archive and Library

The archival collection of the Casa de Mateus goes beyond the family context, becoming a regional and national heritage to be shared, initially due to its evidential dimension and, consequently, the undeniable importance of managing the vast accumulated heritage.

The Library is also an important element that brings together a vast collection of works, some of which predate the establishment of the Morgadio de Mateus itself.

Archive and Library
Casa de Mateus Information System

The Casa de Mateus Information System (CMIS) is divided into 13 chronological sections, based on this column, which represents the chain of successive administrators of the Casa until the establishment of the Casa de Mateus Foundation in 1970, which became the administrator of the Casa de Mateus by determination of its Institutor.

Numerous collections were added to this column, of particular note being that of the Melo family (which entered the ninth section of the SICM with the marriage of the Count of Vila Real to the Countess of Melo) and that of the Mangualde family, in section 10 (the result of the marriage of the Countess of Vila Real and Melo to the Count of Mangualde).

The Library

As well as a remarkable collection of Old Books, this space holds the documents, proofs, plates and other elements relating to the famous 1817 edition of "Os Lusíadas" by the Morgado de Mateus, D. José Maria.

As part of the Project for the Treatment and Digitisation of the Library of the Casa de Mateus Foundation, which began in 2002 (a project supported by the ERDF and managed by the Operational Programme for Culture and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), the Library was catalogued. This project followed the recommendations published in the Portuguese Cataloguing Rules. The technical cataloguing work was supported by research into the National Library catalogue and foreign library catalogues available online.

Archive and Library
Archive and Library


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