Virtual Tour 08 - Library Catalogue
Library Catalogue

"(...) care in books and prints, and the punctual observation of the practice established by me of not taking any book out of the bookshop without putting a piece of paper in its place (...)".

Instructions I leave to my son and addition by D. José Luís de Sousa Botelho Mourão e Vasconcelos, 1st Count of Vila Real. 1846.05.23

The space now occupied by the Library was adapted in the middle of the 20th century by D. Francisco de Albuquerque, becoming a symbol of the dedication to letters and the acquisition of knowledge that was the hallmark of successive representatives of the House of Mateus.

This room, which occupies the centre of the north wing of the House, houses many of the books of a family that has always had a strong presence in the University, the Church and the Judiciary (...) and with concerns for culture, at least book culture, as Vasco Graça Moura's recent study has shown.

A must-see for both tourists and participants in the Foundation's cultural activities, the Library houses more than 6,000 volumes, 459 of which are old books.

Virtual Tour 08 - Library Catalogue

Here you can consult religious, historical and legal works, from the Classics to the Modern period.

From 2001 onwards, with the support of the ERDF, and in a clear effort to enhance its value, the Library underwent descriptive treatment and restoration, and a database containing 6087 bibliographic records was built.

The "Catalogue of Printed Works in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries" was also published in 2005, as well as the "Catalogue of Printed Works in the 19th and 20th Centuries" and the CD-Rom in 2006.

The space is also dedicated to D. José Maria do Carmo de Sousa Botelho Mourão e Vasconcelos, known in literary parlours as Morgado de Mateus, and his famous edition of Os Lusíadas printed in 1817, where you can see the typographical proofs, the original copper plates and other documents relating to the edition.

Virtual Tour 08 - Library Catalogue


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