Virtual Tour 09 - Museum Inventory
Museum Inventory

The descriptions that have come down to us so far allow us to safely trace the path of many of the items that can currently be seen on the tour of the palace's premises. Among them, the following stand out:

  • From 25 January 1765, the book of the inventory of movable goods belonging to the houses of Mateus, Porto, Moroleiros (Amarante), Chaves and Viana, with the particularity of including the lists of all the objects that were taken to Brazil by Luís António de Sousa, autographed by him, and also with the identification of the pieces that returned after 1775.

This inventory also includes the jewellery and silver belonging to the bond of Mateus, as well as a list of the jewels belonging to D. Leonor de Portugal, with reference to the names of the people to whom they were given, and the titles referring to the trousseau of D. José Maria and D. José Luís.

  • From 19 November 1801, the inventory of all the "junk" in the various rooms of the palace, with the delightful designation of the Mateus d'Além rooms for the rooms in the north wing, to the west of the current library room.

  • Of 22 July 1813, the inventory of goods and furnishings in the Palace, following the methodology and structure of the previous one, but adding the list of the Chapel and Sacristy, as well as the coffers and pewter that were not included in the previous one.

  • From 23 July 1821, an inventory with the same structure as the previous ones, to which are added the goods located in the Pantry, Kitchen, Grave, Cellar, Under the Maids and Holm House.

Alongside the study that has been carried out on the old inventories and other documentation in the Mateus Archive, the inventory of the goods currently on public display or stored in cupboards and other rooms in the Palace completes the set of information that has been gathered on the existing heritage. In fact, this gives us a very clear and precise view of the taste that has been displayed over the centuries by the members of this family.

Virtual Tour 09 - Museum Inventory


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