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Educational Action

Casa de Mateus is a particular place where there is both a historical heritage and a natural heritage which, over the last few centuries, have been preserved through the joint actions of a family unit and, more recently, through the statutory missions of the Casa de Mateus Foundation set up in 1970.

Getting to know Casa de Mateus, a microcosm of society, is also getting to know our history, the history of Portugal, Europe and the world. Each piece in the museum transports us to different historical realities, intrinsic to our collective memory, which must be safeguarded and valued through actions that promote heritage education. Enjoying the historical heritage of Casa de Mateus, through the Museum Trail, means being aware of the need to preserve a precious asset that others, like us, will discover in this place, in this House, in other times!

In recent years, the Casa de Mateus Foundation has developed various projects, such as the Horticulture and Viticulture Workshops, implementing agricultural practices that are based above all on sustainability and environmental balance. In fact, the awareness of a global environmental crisis, confirmed in recent times by various phenomena such as climate change, threats to Biodiversity, the depletion of natural resources, among others, is on the agenda. As such, the Biodiversity Trail aims to show the relationships between the living beings of the various ecosystems in this area, which are interconnected and form a unique natural environment capable of raising awareness of environmental education.

The Casa de Mateus Foundation's educational offer has been designed and is aimed at students from pre-school to secondary school, whose general and specific training curricula include the following essential subjects/learning according to the Historical and Natural Heritage.

Educational Action


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Educational Action


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