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Since 1973, the Casa de Mateus Foundation has been organising events that fulfil the cultural, artistic, educational and scientific purposes for which it was set up. Today, the Foundation is one of the most important cultural centres in the north of Portugal

The Foundation's activities began on 3 December 1977, with the cycle "Culture in Dialogue", by the former Director of the Casa de Mateus Foundation, Fernando de Sousa Botelho Albuquerque, son of Francisco.

Since then, the Foundation has held events that fulfil the cultural, artistic, educational and scientific purposes for which it was established, as set out in Article 3 of its statutes.

As far as cultural activities are concerned, since 1977 the FCM has organised seminars on subjects of national relevance in the fields of economics, politics and health, among others. In addition to seminars, the Casa de Mateus Foundation has also organised International Music Courses since 1979 and, since 1985, the Casa de Mateus Music Festival, which is highly regarded worldwide. Among the usual cultural activities are collective poetry translation seminars and the awarding of the D. Dinis Literary Prize.

In the field of scientific activity, the Casa de Mateus Foundation chairs the Casa de Mateus International Institute, created in 1986, of which Portuguese Academies, Universities and Scientific Institutes are members.

Today, the Managing Director, Teresa Albuquerque, continues to fulfil the legacy of the founder and his father, offering and developing a set of programmes focused not only on the problems of today's world, but also applying a sense of tranversality, temporal, cultural, educational and scientific.


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What is the Casa de Mateus Friend Card?

The Casa de Mateus Friend Card is aimed at people from all backgrounds who want to create a regular relationship with Casa de Mateus, its heritage and its cultural programme. For a minimum annual investment, you can get discounts and privileged access to the House, the gardens, cultural events and a range of exclusive initiatives.

What are the dates of the Open Sundays?

On the first Sunday of each month, between November 2023 and March 2024, free access is allowed to the gardens and surrounding areas of Casa de Mateus, only for residents of the municipality of Vila Real.

The dates are:


  • 3 DECEMBER (Anniversary of the Foundation of Casa de Mateus)



  • 3 MARCH



Monday to Friday 

9am to 5pm

Saturday and Sunday

9am to 5:30pm


+351 259 323 121

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